Monday, May 18, 2009

the beginning

A big start of my growth is here on my mission and now with my new blog!
Life in Ohio is great but with my trials that come with it. Sickness seems to be one of the main chosen trials for me as I have been sick one way or the other while in Ohio. I knew that I would have trials on my mission but I was hoping that sickness was not going to be one of them. I bet my Mom never thought that she would hear form a mission president this much in only a 4 month time period ha ha. she never heard this much from my sibling's presidents about being sick. It is my part in life and have learned to deal with it.
My 1st area in Ohio is Hayden Run and I am loving it. Sara Ballsteadt is a member of the ward here and has been a help to me as a missionary and a good friend in my hard times such as sickness. she is a big part of my life here in Hayden Run and I don't think I could have lived this long on my mission without her loving me.
my 2nd companion is Sister Bree Brimhall and I am loving her so much as I have struggled she has lifted me up. my mission is wonderful and I wouldn't change one day of it and I am very excited for this Saturday the 23rd when Lynn Ralston, a man we have been teaching for the last 4 months is getting baptized!

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  1. Hey! Sorry to hear you have been sick! That is no fun. What's been ailing you? I hope you get better!