Tuesday, May 26, 2009

water water water!

I have found the great importance of plenty of water. This last Thursday we went to the Zoo with our district and it was really great and fun to do the Zoo here is Ohio is big and very well put together and fun to look through! Sad part of it is though is that I didn't drink enough water and got heat exhaustion and after the Zoo had a migraine and past out for 3 hours. For the next 4 days I had that migraine and it just wouldn't go away! I got blessing that would make it not as bad for awhile but then yesterday it was so big and painful I had to go to the Hospital and it pumped full of drugs to make it go away.
The moral of the story is drink plenty of water all the time! Most of all when you are outside for a long period of time. It is better to have to go to the bathroom every 10 min. then have a migraine and have to go to the hospital. I KNOW!

Another thing I have learned is that having a companion is great! Living alone sucks when you are sick or need to go to the hospital because nobody is there. Having a compaion on a mission is having a person with you 24-7 and never leaving your site except when you are in the bathroom. Having that person, such as my now companion Sister Brimhall, is wonderful because you grow to love that person so much and would do anything to make them happy. I tried so hard to not be sick because it made her sad and she was just trying so hard to make the pain go away. I am very greatful to have her in my life at this time. of any medication I could take to get better she is the best medication for me to have :)
The point of that story is to always love and be good to the one you live with so that you both can always care for one another with all the love you feel. be good!


  1. Aww.. you little sweet heart! I guess I just love ya thats all! Don't worry about me.. I love you and I know that you are totally being watched over! :) <3

  2. :0 I love you. Post another blog! how's your new area?